Thematic Topics

Thematic Topics

Human-nature relationships to support multifunctional forested landscapes, including socio-ecological approaches;

OC 1.1 - Finding the path in the forest – An interdisciplinary approach towards multifunctionality in northern forests

Cecilia Akselsson, Hanna Andersson, Marie Appelstrand, Ljusk Ola Eriksson, Maria Johansson, Renats Trubins, Henrik G. Smith

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OC 1.2 - Effective Communication: Key to Advancing Multifunctional Forestry in the Climate Change Period

Marcel Riedl, Vilém Jarský

OC 1.3 - Urban greenspace for Nature, Society and Culture across diverse landscapes and contexts in Eastern Europe

Marine Elbakidze, Ivan Kruhlov, Lucas Dawson, Nataliia Korohoda, Tamari Kurdadze

OC 1.4 - Where Forest Meets the Ocean: Operationalising an Integrated Landscape-Seascape Approach in Eastern Taiwan (2016-2023)

Kuang-Chung Lee, Paulina G. Karimova

OC 1.5 - Our Common Water

Lars Högbom, Martyn Futter, Johan Heurgren, Tom Nisbet, Gregory Valatin

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OC 1.6 - Post-abandonment landscape trajectories in Terras de Trás-os-Montes, Portugal

Lien Imbrechts, João C. Azevedo, Peter H. Verburg

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OC 1.7 - Expert's Perception Analysis on Alternatives to Compensate Feed Deficits for Livestock during Shortage Periods in Dehesas

Verena Arndt, Jesùs Fernández-Habas, Norbert Weber, Pedro Sánchez-Zamora, Pilar Fernández Rebollo, Tom Vanwalleghem

OC 1.8 - How people perceive the ecosystem services provided by Pyrenean oak forests

Anabela Paula, Isabel Passos

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OC 1.9 - The Portuguese natural resin sector: from resin tapping to the second transformation industry

Joana Vieira, Carlos Fonseca, Marta Martins, Rogério Rodrigues

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OC 1.10 - Pine-based forestry deters forest restoration in tropical mountain landscapes with traditional agriculture in southern Mexico

Mario González-Espinosa, Marisol Martínez-Ramos, Neptalí Ramírez-Marcial, Ricardo Pérez-López, Vianney Beraud-Macías, María Magdalena Alcázar-Gómez, Luis Galindo-Jaimes

OC 1.11 - Charcoal production in Licuati key biodiversity area: A participatory assessment of forest management and degradation

Filipa Zacarias

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    Innovative Tools, Methods and Approaches to improve decision-support and monitoring systems (e.g., coupling models, remote sensing, spatial tools, terrestrial sensors);

    OC 2.1 - Finding the path in the forest – An interdisciplinary approach towards multifunctionality in northern forests

    Fatimatou Coulibaly, Alessandra De Marco, Elena Paoletti, Pierre Sicard

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    OC 2.2 - The role of spaceborne LiDAR systems for forest monitoring
    Sérgio Godinho

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    OC 2.3 - Close range remote sensing of relative humidity

    Alexandru Claudiu Dobre, Ionut Silviu Pascu, Ștefan Leca, Ovidiu Badea

    OC 2.4 - Improving conservation targets for forest biodiversity: toward operational solutions from space

    Sandra Luque

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    OC 2.5 - Species distribution models using remote-sensed dynamic habitat index

    Samuel Alleaume, Maxime Lenormand, Sandra Luque, Clémentine Préau, Maïri Souza Oliveira

    OC 2.6 - Using remote sensing to model the breeding habitat of the Black Grouse, in open forest

    Alexandre Defossez, Mairi Souza Oliveira, Dino Ienco, Josselin Giffard-Carlet, Sandra Luque, Samuel Alleaume

    OC 2.7 - Matching the effects of forest structure with management for predicting species occupancy at multiple spatial scales

    Adriano Mazziotta, Andreas Lindén, Kyle Eyvindson, Simone Bianchi, Annika Kangas, Juha Heikkinen, Leena Ruha, Jukka Forsman

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    OC 2.8 - Priority areas identification and management strategies for landscape forest restoration in Mozambique

    Frédérique Montfort, Clovis Grinand, Marie Nourtier, Agnès Bégué, Valéry Gond, Lilian Blanc

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    OC 2.9 - Hurricane Activities in Gulf of Mexico Lead to Conversion of Forested Land: Implications for Water Quantity/Quality

    Latif Kalin, Dongjun Lee

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    OC 2.10 - Prioritizing Woodland Expansion with ECOFOREST: A Web-Based Tool for Ecosystem Service-Based Spatial Targeting

    Alessandro Gimona, Bethany Wilkins, Andrea Baggio-Compagnucci, Marie Castellazzi, Faye Jackson, Iain Malcolm, Zisis Gagkas, Robin Pakeman

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    OC 2.11 - Landscape Approaches as operational artefacts to move towards more sustainable governance of rural land-uses in the Mediterranean macro-regional context

    José Muñoz-Rojas

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    OC 2.12 - Towards a Forest Bocage: multifunctionality of a network of broadleaved hedgerows in a pine plantation landscape

    Nattan Plat, Hervé Jactel

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    OC 2.13 - Functional connectivity models to inform sustainable management practices in standard production forests

    Pedro A Salgueiro, Francesco Valerio, Cláudio João, Carmo Silva, João E Rabaça, António Mira, Sara M Santos

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    OC 2.14 - Critical biomass harvesting for policy support in northern forests

    Cecilia Akselsson, Gunilla Pihl Karlsson, Per Erik Karlsson, Salim Belyazid, Sofie Hellsten, Veronika Kronnäs

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    OC 2.15 - Critical biomass harvesting for policy support in northern forests

    Sergio Prats, Nuno Guiomar, Sandra Nicolas, Sara De Paula, Agustin Merino, Pablo Souza, Jose Maria De la Rosa, José Antonio Gonzalez-Perez, Franciscus Verheijen, Javier Madrigal

    OC 2.16 - Effects of land-use changes and fire events in the population dynamics of Acacia dealbata: a hybrid modelling approach

    Cristina Lima, João Cabral, Mário Santos, Rita Bastos, Eva Pinto, Joana Vicente

    OC 2.17 - National Evaluation of Invasive Tree and Understory Forest Plant Prevalence across the United States

    Kevin Potter, Qinfeng Guo, Kurt Riitters 

    Global change, vulnerability and adaptive management of forested landscapes – How to manage increasing pressures and threats above the current resilience tipping points;

    OC 3.1 - Effect of mixture and management of a Southern European beech forest on carbon stocks and sinks

    Lorenzo MW Rossi, Silvio Oggioni, Matteo Vizzarri, Sebastian Brocco, Giorgio Vacchiano

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    OC 3.2 - Impact of five tree species conversion modalities on fauna and fungi soil biodiversity as monitored by DNA-metabarcoding in temperate forests

    Vincent Moulin, Michaël Aubert, Lucie Vincenot, Robinson Ribemont, Fabrice Bureau, Lucas Poulard

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    OC 3.3 - Pyrenean oak forests under global change - integrating projected suitable areas in management plans
    Isabel Passos, Alice Almeida, Carlos Vila-Viçosa, Maria Margarida Ribeiro, Albano Figueiredo
    OC 3.4 - How will climate change impact maritime pine forest distribution and productivity in Portugal?

    Cristina Alegria, Alice M. Almeida, Maria Margarida Ribeiro, Natália Roque, Paulo Fernandez, Saki Gerassis, Teresa Albuquerque

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    OC 3.5 - SWAT based responses on two contrasting eucalypt-dominated catchments under different climate scenarios

    João Rocha, Ana Quintela, Sérgio Fabres, David Carvalho, Jacob Keizer, Dalila Serpa

    OC 3.6 - Soil organic carbon stock in managed, unmanaged, and disturbed Nothofagus forests in Chilean Patagonia

    Mónica Toro-Manríquez, Fernanda Rivas Guíñez, Macarena Luco, Cristofer Mardones, Alejandro Huertas Herrera

    OC 3.7 - Even Cooler Insights: On the power of forests to (Water and Earth and) cool the Planet

    David Ellison

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    OC 3.8 - Landscape fire severity: a multi-scale analysis of the drivers

    Nuno Guiomar, Sérgio Godinho, Tiago Marques, Rui Machado, Paulo Fernandes

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    OC 3.9 - Temporal and spatial patterns of extreme wildfire events at the European landscape scale

    Vanda Acácio, Susana Dias, Inês M. Duarte, Conceição Colaço, Leónia Nunes, Catarina Sequeira, Iryna Skulska, Francisco C. Rego

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    OC 3.10 - Assessing the economic value of the Fire Protection Ecosystem Service in a mountainous landscape in northern Portugal

    Ângelo Sil, João C. Azevedo, Paulo M. Fernandes, João P. Honrado

    OC 3.11 - Bridging experimental and monitoring research for the assessment of ozone impacts on Mediterranean trees

    Yasutomo Hoshika, Barbara Baesso Moura, Elena Paoletti, Elisa Carrari, Laurence Dalstein-Richier, Pierre Sicard, Stefan Leca, Ovidiu Badea, Diana Pitar-Silaghi, Anumol Shashikumar, Marie-lyne Ciriani

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    OC 3.12 - Unravelling bat species’ response to environmental structure and patterns of occupancy in a Mediterranean landscape

    Frederico Martins, Sérgio Godinho, Nuno Guiomar, Denis Medinas, Hugo Rebelo, Pedro Segurado, João Tiago Marques

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    OC 3.13 - Trends in airborne oak pollen: climate change effects in Oaks Forest in Alentejo Region (South Portugal)

    Elsa Caeiro, Beatriz Tavares, Irene Câmara-Camacho

    OC 3.14 - Mediterranean woodlands on the edge – Road pressure on rodent-mediated seed dispersal

    João Craveiro, Miguel Bugalho, Pedro Vaz

    OC 3.15 - Increasing disturbance activity in forest ecosystems – Tipping points and adaptive management

    Dominik Thom

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    OC 3.16 - Responses of Quercus ilex seedlings to combined, drought and Phytophthora cinnamomi, stresses: a metabolomic analysis

    Marta Tienda Parrilla, Cristina López Hidalgo, Rocío Valderrama Fernández, María Dolores Rey, Jesús Jorrín Novo

    Forest management, public policies, governance models and decision making;

    OC 4.1 - Landscape transformation through collaborative approaches

    Sandra Valente, Virgínia Rocha, Jorge Brito, Jorge Cunha

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    OC 4.2 - Collaborative and strategic landscape planning for wildfire management – evidence from Portugal

    Teresa Pinto-Correia, Nuno Guiomar, Jorgen Primdahl

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    OC 4.3 - Poor performance of community forests to sustainable livelihoods in Cameroon: long-term impact assessment and ways forward

    Guillaume Lescuyer, Fabrice Kengen Fotso, Ghislain Fomou, Félicité Bietchoua

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    OC 4.4 - Assessing Connectivity and Habitat Suitability of Green Infrastructure in the Boreal Forest of Sweden

    Ewa Orlikowska, Jakub Bubnicki, Bengt Gunnar Jonsson, Johan Svensson, Grzegorz Mikusinski

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    OC 4.5 - Moving to clear-cut free alternatives in Swedish forestry

    Renats Trubins

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    OC 4.6 - Spatial decision support tools for assessing land-based climate mitigation actions

    Ekaterina Tarasova, Giulio Di Lallo, Lucia Perugini, Maria Vincenza Chiriacò, Monia Santini, Riccardo Valentini

    OC 4.7 - The Impact of Forest Management Plans on Forest Disturbances in Logging Concessions of the Congo Basin

    Marc Bouvier, Kenneth Houngbedji, Antoine Leblois, Jean-Sylvestre Makak, Benoit Mertens

    OC 4.8 - Characterization and Analysis of Rural Property Register as an Instrument for Land Management

    Miguel Domingos Teixeira, Maria de Belém Costa Freitas, Carla Maria Rolo Antunes, Henrique César Ribeiro, Maria do Rosário Partidário

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    OC 4.9 - Forest certification and economic valorization in Europe: main drivers and limitations

    Sofia Corticeiro, Helena Vieira

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    OC 4.10 - Matching policy and academic practices – the case of the Montado results-based payments

    Mª Helena Guimarães, Isabel Ferraz-de-Oliveira, Teresa Pinto-Correia, Maria Freitas, Elvira Sales-Batista, André Oliveira, Maria Coelho, Tiago Marques, João Madeira, Maria Bastidas

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    OC 4.11 - Riparian buffer zones in production forests create unequal costs among forest owners

    Tristan Bakx, Renats Trubins, Nils Droste, William Lidberg, Cecilia Akselsson

    OC 4.12 - Institutional structures for protecting biodiversity and preventing illegal activities in forested landscapes in selected Western Balkan countries -

    Maja Radosavljevic, Mauro Masiero, Todora Rogelja

    OC 4.13 - Private forest owners’ organizations adherence to policy tools in Portugal

    Maria Eduarda Fernandes, Paula Simões

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    OC 4.14 - Prescribed fire management strategy for post-harvest eucalypt plantations in Portugal

    Sofia Corticeiro, Ana Quintela, Paula Maia, Bruna Oliveira, Carlos Alves, Célia Fernandes, Oscar Pelayo, Jan Jacob Keizer, Sérgio Fabres, Cláudio Teixeira, Paulo Fernandes

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    OC 4.15 - Forging fire-resilient landscapes: fire-smart solutions for sustainable wildfire risk prevention

    Anna Barbati, Silvio Oggioni, Eduard Plana, Davide Ascoli, Antonio Tomao, Mario Colonico, Francesco Giannino, Mauro Moreno, Gavriil Xanthopoulos, Miltiadis Athanasiou, Konstantinos Kaoukis, Conceição Colaço, Francisco Rego, Catarina Sequeira, Vanda Acácio, Marta Serra

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    OC 4.16 - How willing are individuals to be involved in forest fire prevention in Portugal?

    Marieta Valente, Maria Eduarda Fernandes, Lígia Pinto

    OC 4.17 - The effect of knowledge in stakeholders’ involvement in forest management: the example of Matas do Litoral public forest

    Maria Eduarda Fernandes, Carla Ferreira, Elisabete Figueiredo, Cristina Ribeiro

    OC 4.18 - Is Woodland Expansion an Economically Efficient Alternative for Offsetting Carbon?

    Paola Ovando, Marie Castellazzi, Andrea Baggio-Compagnucci, Richard J. Hewitt, Alessandro Gimona

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    OC 4.19 - Pruning the economy: implications of degrowth scenarios for the forest sector

    Paul Rougieux, Sarah Mubareka

    Silvopastoral systems and sustainable integrative solutions at the landscape level;

    OC 5.1 - Developing soil early indicators on Montados’ soil functions

    Oscar Gonzalez-Pelayo, Helena Guimarães, Teresa Pinto-Correia

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    OC 5.2 - The positive effect of trees on pasture quality and soil carbon sequestration in holm oak savannas

    Alejandro Carrascosa Becerril, Gerardo Moreno, Cristina Frade, Ángel Valverde, José Mariano Igual, Sara Rodrigo, Víctor Rolo

    OC 5.3 - The relationship between Canopy greenness and water availability in Cork and Holm Oak within the Portuguese Montado

    Danielle Rudley, Maria da Conceição Caldeira, Valentine Aubard, David Coomes, João M.N. Silva

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    OC 5.4 - Towards satellite remote sensing of quality of Mediterranean grasslands to support management in agro-silvo-pastoral systems

    Jesús Fernández Habas, Begoña Abellanas Oar, José Ramón Leal-Murillo, Mª Teresa Hidalgo-Fernández, José García Arnés, Pilar Fernández-Rebollo

    OC 5.5 - The transformation of the silvopastoral landscape of Montesinho Natural Park (1995 – 2021)

    Vitor Seripieri, José Castro, Maria Madalena Silva, Marina Castro

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    OC 5.6 - Stakeholder-informed assessment of grassland management for ecosystem services in dehesa/montado systems

    Verena Arndt, Victoria Vicario-Modroño, Ricardo Zanatti

    OC 5.7 - Don't Put All your Eggs in One Basket: Montado silvo-pastoral system as a case study of resilience

    Elvira Sales-Baptista, Isabel Ferraz-de-Oliveira, José Muñoz-Rojas

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    OC 5.8 - Potential of Bituminaria bituminosa as a new forage perennial legume in Montados and Dehesas of the Iberian Peninsula

    Jesús Fernández Habas, Daniel Real, José Ramón Leal-Murillo, Mª Teresa Hidalgo-Fernández, Pilar Fernández-Rebollo, Tom Vanwalleghem

    OC 5.9 - How many trees to fall: how and where are we losing the Montado silvo-pastoral system?

    J. Tiago Marques, Nuno Guiomar, Teresa Pinto-Correia

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    OC 5.10 - Impact of cattle grazing spatiotemporal variation on cork oak seedling survival

    Abdullah Ibne Wadud, Joao Craveiro, Simone Erroi, Sandra Alcobia, Miguel Bugalho, Manuela Branco, Pedro Vaz

    OC 5.11 - Effects of conservation zones on the biodiversity and ecosystem services of Mediterranean evergreen oak woodlands

    Miguel Nuno Bugalho, Teresa Mexia, Xavier Lecomte, Rui Morgado, Catry Inês, Rui Pedroso, Maria da Conceição Caldeira

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    OC 5.12 - MIXED production at the landscape level: an emergy assessment on different agricultural systems under the same management

    Joana Marinheiro, Ana Fonseca, Cláudia Marques-dos-Santos

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    OC 5.13 - Perceived benefits from agroforestry landscapes across North-Eastern Europe: What matters and for whom?

    Marine Elbakidze, Jose Muñoz-Rojas, Diana Surova

    OC 5.14 - Agroforestry business model innovation network (AF4EU)

    María Rosa Mosquera-Losada, Nuria Ferreiro-Domínguez

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    OC 5.15 - Modeling shepherds’ decision-making about grazing on forested mountain landscapes - contributions for keeping discontinuity

    Catarina Esgalhado, María Rivera, Teresa Pinto-Correia

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    OC 5.16 - Residual signature of sewage sludge in soil bacterial communities 15 years after application

    Vanessa Álvarez-López, Nuria Ferreiro-Domínguez, Antonio Rigueiro-Rodríguez, María Rosa Mosquera-Losada

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    Forest Landscape Restoration initiatives: biodiversity, economy and people.

    OC 6.1 - Learning from the past to face future challenges: gathering expert knowledge on the evolution of forest restoration in Europe

    Maitane Erdozain, Katharina Lapin, Johanna Hoffmann, Iciar Alberdi, Isabel Cañellas, María Menéndez-Miguélez, Sergio de Miguel

    OC 6.2 - Trees4water- Tree based solutions for water quality improvement

    Claudia Carvalho-Santos, Ana Faria Lopes, Cristina Gonçalves, Claudia Pascoal, Giorgio Pace, Ana Castro, Regina Santos, José Pedro Ramião, Emanuel Escobar

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    OC 6.3 - Seedballs: Exploring its potential for an alternative planting strategies in elevating forest landscape restoration effort for Sarawak, Malaysia

    Annya Ambrose, Fellicia Inching Uchang, Sabrina Aslan Joe, Norsyarina Welman, Erica Medina Hadari, Pang Shek Ling, Jack Liam, Hamden Mohammad, Zarina Shebli, Happysupina Sait

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    OC 6.4 - Rehabilitation of Nothofagus pumilio forests in northern Chilean Patagonia

    Alejandro Huertas Herrera, Fernanda Rivas Guíñez, Macarena Luco Molina, Cristofer Mardones Muñoz, Mónica Toro Manríquez

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    OC 6.5 - Can biochar amendment of forest fire-affected soil reduce soil erosion by water?

    Oscar Gonzalez-Pelayo, Behrouz Gholamahmadi, Marjan Jongen, Frank G.A. Verheijen

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    OC 6.6 - Climate Resilient Forest Restoration

    Patricia Maloney, Shannon Lynch, Susan Ustin

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    OC 6.7 - What’s the value of Seed Dispersal?

    José Benedicto Royuela, Sara Mendes, Ruben Heleno, Joaquim Sande Silva, Helena Freitas, José Miguel Costa, Pedro Lopes, Sérgio Timóteo

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    OC 6.8 - Upscaling forest restoration with SUPERB: The Spanish demonstrative area

    Judit Torres Fernández del Campo, Rocío Gallego García, Iñigo Oleagordia, Rafael García