Keynote Speakers

Keynote Speakers

Forest governance in transition, caught between local needs and global agendas

Camilla Sandström 

Umeå University

Camilla Sandström is professor in Political Science, Umeå University, Sweden and Chairholder, UNESCO chair on biosphere reserves as labs for inclusive societal transformation.

She is specialized in environmental governance, focusing in particular on the development of collaborative governance approaches and conflict mitigating policy instruments in various fields of nature resource management.

Her work is inter- and transdisciplinary, with a strong focus on Arctic environments, however she has also studied environmental governance in several countries in Europe and Africa.

José M.C. Pereira

ISA, University of Lisbon

José M.C. Pereira is Full Professor at the Department of Natural Resources, Environment, and Land, School of Agriculture (ISA), University of Lisbon, where he teaches courses in forest ecology and management, and environmental remote sensing.

He has an undergraduate degree in forestry from ISA and a Ph.D. in Renewable Natural Resources Studies from the University of Arizona. He coordinates ISA’s Forest Research Centre, a research unit with 80+ researchers.

His research focuses on pyrogeography, including remote sensing of fire, risk mapping, and anthropogenic vegetation burning. He is a member of the Lisbon Academy of Sciences, Earth and Space Science Branch.

Rene Zamora Cristales

Oregon State University

René Zamora Cristales is Guatemalan, Senior Manager Restoration Policy for the Global Restoration at the World Resources Institute (WRI). In this role he also directs the secretariat of Initiative 20×20 the Latin American platform in support to the UN Decade in Ecosystem restoration. He also coordinates the Landscape Policy Acceleration Program to encourage innovation in public economic incentives.

Rene has a Doctoral degree (PhD.) in Forest Engineering and Economics from Oregon State University, USA. In 2019 Rene received the recognition of “Outstanding Doctoral Research Award” from the International Union of Forest Research Organizations IUFRO.

René’s work is reflected in more than 30 publications in scientific journals on topics related to economics, private investments, public incentives, landscape monitoring and mathematical optimization methods for natural resources.

Pier Paolo Roggero

University of Sassari

Pier Paolo Roggero is full professor of Agronomy and Crop Sciences at the University of Sassari, in Sardinia (Italy). He worked as researcher at the Centre for Mediterranean Pastures (CNR), and as associate and full professor at the Polytechnic University of Marche until 2006.

He is currently director of the Department of Agricultural Sciences, University of Sassari (some 90 faculty members, some 1,000 BSc and MSc students) and he was director of the Desertification Research Center (NRD), for 10 years. He was President of the Italian Society of Agronomy and Secretary General of Desertnet international. He is Editor in Chief of the Italian Journal of Agronomy (IF2021=1.6).

His research expertise includes sustainable agricultural soil and water management, Mediterranean agro-
silvopastoral systems, climate change adaptation and mitigation in agricultural systems, water resources management. He is co-author of more than 250 scientific publications, of which over 100 in ISI/Scopus peer-reviewed journals.